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When I got my Rabbit TV in the mail I was glad to see that Rabbit TV support was really helpful. I was sure how to set up my Rabbit TV, but with Rabbit TV support it was easy to figure out.

For every question possible I had the Rabbit TV support had the answer to it. I found the best Rabbit TV support on rabbittvsupport.com. There were two places where I found the answers to some questions I had. The first was the Knowledge Database. In the Knowledge Database it answers all of the basic questions about the Rabbit TV. The other place is the How-To videos. In the How-To videos it goes over step by step how to set up the Rabbit TV.

I also found things out about the Rabbit TV that I didn’t know through the Rabbit TV knowledge database. I even learned how to connect my laptop to my TV so that I could watch all of my favorite shows on TV. Being able to hook up our laptops to the TV is great because we can still use our big screen TV.

The Rabbit TV support is very helpful in getting started with the Rabbit TV and with any other questions that may arise while using the Rabbit TV.

The Rabbit TV is also great to take while I go on work trips of when we go on vacation. With work I do a lot of traveling to different hotels. I am probably in two or three different hotels a week that I stay the night in, so I do a lot of traveling. While staying in those hotels I bring my Rabbit TV with me and I am still able to get great shows to watch. Most of the time the hotels I stay at only have cable and with the Rabbit TV I can keep track of and watch the shows that I like to watch.

As a family we also took a vacation over spring break. It was a great time to be together and we also brought our Rabbit TV with us. At the end of the day when we came back to our hotel we liked to relax together and watch a show. It was nice having the Rabbit TV so we could pick what we wanted to watch instead of having to rely on the cable. The cable TV doesn’t offer very much sometimes and especially later at night. After about 10 pm cable TV turns into nothing but infomercials, which can be so very annoying.

With the Rabbit TV we aren’t flooded with commercials and infomercials anymore, which is particularly great for my family. I hated having to sit through commercials when we had satellite and cable. There were so many commercials that I didn’t want my kids to watch and now I don’t have to worry about that with Rabbit TV.

The Rabbit TV has been a great addition to my home and I recommend it to everyone who watches TV online.

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