Rabbit TV Scam

I have been getting a lot of question as to whether or not there is a Rabbit TV scam. I was pretty surprised when the emails about a Rabbit TV scam started coming in so I did some research about where people were coming up with a scam about since the Rabbit TV was already working for me.

I found that were some people who said some negative things on other reviews for Rabbit TV, however I looked further into what they were saying to try and understand what the negative reviews were all about. What I found that was that most of the negative reviews were from people who have never even tried Rabbit TV and were calling it a Rabbit TV scam. They expected Rabbit TV to be something that it is not.

Basically, Rabbit TV is mostly meant to serve as guide. Rabbit TV does allow for live TV access, which is what most people expected Rabbit TV to be. It is a common misconception that Rabbit TV will give access to all live TV channels. Rabbit does allow for access to a live TV channel feed, however it mostly news. It doesn’t have any prime TV live access allowance. I found that Rabbit TV is similar to Hulu or Netflix. On Hulu or Netflix they only have access to a few TV networks, whereas Rabbit TV has more TV channels and shows which are all indexed and organized in a way that is easy to use.

What makes it different than Hulu or Netflix is that Rabbit TV has shows from thousands of networks indexed and the price. Hulu and Netflix does not have access to nearly as many shows as Rabbit TV. Plus, with Rabbit TV I don’t pay nearly as much.

Rabbit TV is an online guide that has a list of thousands of shows and movies that are all indexed and easy to use. The list of shows then takes you to where you can watch the show or movie online. I love that all I need to get access to great shows and TV at a great price is my internet connection.

The creators of Rabbit TV have spent countless hours putting together this guide with all the right links. I know that I would not have wanted to spend the time to find thousands of bookmarks for the shows. I had actually tried on my own and I often times couldn’t find the show that I was looking for or it was an incorrect link. Rabbit TV has already spent the time searching for links and they have compiled it in a convenient way that it easy to use.

What is great about Rabbit TV is that there is a lot of variety in the list of shows. There is a show for everyone in my family to enjoy. I personally like Rabbit TV carries a lot of the classic shows that can’t be found online anymore.

I have been really impressed with the Rabbit TV and for all of the access that I get for only $10 is worth is fantastic. With Rabbit TV I am able to save money and still get to watch entertainment.

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