Rabbit TV Review

Rabbit TV SpecialHey everybody my name is Jason and welcome to my Rabbit TV review. The main reason that I wanted to write this Rabbit TV review was because of how well this product has worked for me.

I was paying roughly $80 a month for satellite service and even then we were only offered a few hundred channels and most of those channels we didn’t even watch. As well, when we had satellite TV we never watched shows during the prime time or when they would air. We would always watch shows that were recorded. My family and I are a pretty busy family and we just didn’t have the time to sit down and watch shows as they aired.

So to save some money I cut the satellite services and went with cable. Cable wasn’t my first choice because we weren’t able to record the shows that we normally watched, but we were able to save some money. With cable we paid about $30 a month. After a while we realized that cable was a little pointless because at the times that we were able to watch TV the shows we liked to watch were not showing.

That was when we cut able and switched to Hulu plus which costs about $9 a month. Hulu is similar to Rabbit TV, however I prefer Rabbit TV from the official website. Hulu is good because the shows you want to watch will be available the day after they air, but the shows don’t stay on the website very long and neither are full season. We liked Hulu for a while but when we found Rabbit TV we were really excited because there were plenty of shows available and there were more episodes.

Now with Rabbit TV from the official website we only have to pay $10 a year, which factors out to be about 83 cents a month! I really like how much money we are able to save and how much access we have to shows that we can watch at any time we want. It is great to be able to save money and still have great entertainment.

The Rabbit TV is really easy to use as well. I have two kids who love to use Rabbit TV to watch their favorite shows. It is nice that we got a second Rabbit TV at a discounted price from the official website because my wife and I can watch something that we enjoy and then my kids can watch a show that they enjoy as well. We also have been able to hook our laptop up to the TV so we can still watch our favorite shows on the big screen.

The Rabbit TV is a great guide to watching TV online because shows and movies that my family and I like to watch are already indexed and bookmarked for us through Rabbit TV. It has been a great way to save money and still be able to enjoy our favorite shows. I recommend the Rabbit TV to anyone who enjoys good entertainment.

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Rabbit TV Device

Hey everyone I am back again to answer a question that I have been getting a lot in emails, ‘Where is the best place buy the Rabbit TV device?’

I thought that was a great question because I also wondered the same thing. There are a few places that offer the Rabbit TV device, however I chose to order from the official website and I will go into detail about why.

The first time that I saw Rabbit TV was on an infomercial while watching late night TV. I was really interested in what the Rabbit TV was all about and started looking it up online.

The main place that I was able to find Rabbit TV was on Amazon. I normally order things from Amazon to save some money because Amazon typically has great deals, but in order to find the best deal I usually do cross referencing to other websites for price checks. I was surprised to see what the Amazon offer was like.

On Amazon the Rabbit TV costs $13.50 (not including shipping) for only one Rabbit TV device. I checked around to see what other websites were offering and found that the official website had the best offer.

On the official Rabbit TV device website I was able to get one Rabbit TV for only $10, and then the special that is offered on the website is getting another Rabbit TV for free. The only cost for the second Rabbit TV was shipping and handling at $6.99. So, I was able to get both Rabbit TV devices for only $16.99.

The total for the order cost more than ordering from Amazon, but the value was better from the official website. I was able to get two Rabbit TV devices for a few dollars more than what Amazon was charging for one device.

At first I thought that I would only need one Rabbit TV device, but I went ahead and ordered the second because the Rabbit TV official website offer comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, so if I ended up not using the second device I would be able to send it back.

I was really glad that I ordered the second Rabbit TV device because of how much I travel with work. I like to take a Rabbit TV USB device with me when travel so that I don’t have to watch the TV that the hotels provide. By having two my family still gets to have one device at home so that they can still enjoy watching TV too.

I also like having two Rabbit TV devices for when I am at home. When I am at home my wife and I can enjoy a show or movie that we like to watch and my kids can choose a show that they like to watch on the other device.

The Rabbit TV device is the best way for my family to save money on great entertainment. We don’t have to spend a ton of money on satellite or cable TV anymore because the Rabbit TV still has all of the great shows that we like to watch.

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Rabbit TV USB

The Rabbit TV USB is easy to use and a great way to get entertainment at a cheaper price.

With the Rabbit TV I am able to watch the most popular shows and as well as classic shows at any time I want. I like that with the Rabbit TV I don’t have to catch a show whenever it is aired on TV. Entertainment is not my priority and I can watch my favorite shows whenever is most convenient for me because there are thousands of shows that are indexed on the Rabbit TV USB.

I like how easy it is to use the Rabbit TV USB. All I have to do to get access to my favorite TV shows is plug in the Rabbit TV USB into my computer, enter in my Rabbit TV login information, then I can view all of the indexed TV shows, movies, and radio that is offered through Rabbit TV. The Rabbit TV is convenient because all of the shows that are available for viewing online are all indexed in once place. I don’t have to go searching for links and legal places to watch shows online because Rabbit TV has already done that.

The Rabbit TV USB is great because it is compact and can be taken anywhere. All that is needed to use the Rabbit TV is internet connection. I didn’t have to download any extra software to be able to watch the shows, which was nice. I do a lot of traveling to different hotels around the country to inspect them for my work. I am constantly in airports and staying overnight in hotels so it is nice to be able to take the Rabbit TV with me while I am traveling. I can use it while I am at the airport and in the hotel rooms to watch a show.

What is also unique about the Rabbit TV is that there is live TV access with it. The Rabbit TV channels that do have live access are mainly news which is great to be able to stay up to date with the current events.

The Rabbit TV USB only costs $10 for a year and to get access to thousands of shows, movies and radio. Now, I don’t have to spend upwards of $100 a month for satellite. I can get all of the same shows and more through Rabbit TV. I also like that there is no more monthly billing. With the Rabbit TV my family and I have cut back on our monthly bills are able to save more money.

The Rabbit TV USB is also risk free to try. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. I was glad to see that it came with a money back guarantee. The Rabbit TV is a new product and I hadn’t seen anything like it before. With the money back guarantee I didn’t have to worry about it trying it out. If it wasn’t what I was expecting then I would be able to send it back without any problems.

The Rabbit TV USB is great to have for traveling, but it is especially great to have in my home. I recommend it to everyone who watches TV.

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Rabbit TV Support

When I got my Rabbit TV in the mail I was glad to see that Rabbit TV support was really helpful. I was sure how to set up my Rabbit TV, but with Rabbit TV support it was easy to figure out.

For every question possible I had the Rabbit TV support had the answer to it. I found the best Rabbit TV support on rabbittvsupport.com. There were two places where I found the answers to some questions I had. The first was the Knowledge Database. In the Knowledge Database it answers all of the basic questions about the Rabbit TV. The other place is the How-To videos. In the How-To videos it goes over step by step how to set up the Rabbit TV.

I also found things out about the Rabbit TV that I didn’t know through the Rabbit TV knowledge database. I even learned how to connect my laptop to my TV so that I could watch all of my favorite shows on TV. Being able to hook up our laptops to the TV is great because we can still use our big screen TV.

The Rabbit TV support is very helpful in getting started with the Rabbit TV and with any other questions that may arise while using the Rabbit TV.

The Rabbit TV is also great to take while I go on work trips of when we go on vacation. With work I do a lot of traveling to different hotels. I am probably in two or three different hotels a week that I stay the night in, so I do a lot of traveling. While staying in those hotels I bring my Rabbit TV with me and I am still able to get great shows to watch. Most of the time the hotels I stay at only have cable and with the Rabbit TV I can keep track of and watch the shows that I like to watch.

As a family we also took a vacation over spring break. It was a great time to be together and we also brought our Rabbit TV with us. At the end of the day when we came back to our hotel we liked to relax together and watch a show. It was nice having the Rabbit TV so we could pick what we wanted to watch instead of having to rely on the cable. The cable TV doesn’t offer very much sometimes and especially later at night. After about 10 pm cable TV turns into nothing but infomercials, which can be so very annoying.

With the Rabbit TV we aren’t flooded with commercials and infomercials anymore, which is particularly great for my family. I hated having to sit through commercials when we had satellite and cable. There were so many commercials that I didn’t want my kids to watch and now I don’t have to worry about that with Rabbit TV.

The Rabbit TV has been a great addition to my home and I recommend it to everyone who watches TV online.

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Rabbit TV Channels

Before I ordered my Rabbit TV I wanted to know what Rabbit TV channels were available. I was surprised that there are a lot of Rabbit TV channels, shows and movies available. Some of the most popular Rabbit TV channels are

Rabbit TV is a guide that gives you access to watch shows and movies online legally. Rabbit TV has complied all of the places online where you can watch shows and movies to take the hassle out of finding a place the right link.

Most of the links are to website channels, Hulu or Netflix. Even though I already had Hulu and Netflix the difference between Rabbit TV, Hulu and Netflix is the price. With Rabbit TV I am only paying $10 a year which equals out to 83 cents a month. And with Hulu and Netflix I paid about $9 a month each, equaling to $18 a month. With Rabbit TV I still get access to Hulu and Netflix while paying a fraction of the price for the subscription.

To use the Rabbit TV all I have to do is plug in my Rabbit TV USB, log into my account and then I can see a list of TV shows and movies. I really like how the list is set up because it is similar to Netflix. The list of Rabbit TV channels, shows, and movies is with a picture. As well, there is a synopsis of each show and movie.

Another benefit to using Rabbit TV is that I don’t have to worry about getting any viruses onto my computer. Since all of the links are legal places to watch the shows there is no risk of getting a virus. With websites that are legal there is a chance to get viruses and I like that I don’t have to worry about that with Rabbit TV.

Another benefit is that Rabbit TV has access to 9,000 online radio stations as well. It is nice to have the radio stations as well. Plus, the content on Rabbit TV is always being updated to stay current with the most recent episodes and to bring on new TV shows.

The initial cost for the Rabbit TV is only $10 for the year, and then $10 for each year after that. Saving money has been great. With Rabbit TV I don’t feel that we have to compromise having access to great TV. We still get to have entertainment at a great price.

What is nice is that Rabbit TV is designed to be user friendly and anyone can use it. My children have been able to navigate through Rabbit TV easily. They love to find their favorite shows. I also like that I don’t have to worry about my children watching shows or movies that are inappropriate. With satellite TV and cable I was always worried that my kids might watch something that was not suitable for them. Now, with the Rabbit TV in order to watch an R rated movie or something mature you have to type in your birth date to make sure that you are of age. I think that is a great safety feature because my kids know that they can’t watch a show if that ever comes up.

Rabbit TV is a great way to enjoy entertainment without having to spend tons of money.

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Rabbit TV Scam

I have been getting a lot of question as to whether or not there is a Rabbit TV scam. I was pretty surprised when the emails about a Rabbit TV scam started coming in so I did some research about where people were coming up with a scam about since the Rabbit TV was already working for me.

I found that were some people who said some negative things on other reviews for Rabbit TV, however I looked further into what they were saying to try and understand what the negative reviews were all about. What I found that was that most of the negative reviews were from people who have never even tried Rabbit TV and were calling it a Rabbit TV scam. They expected Rabbit TV to be something that it is not.

Basically, Rabbit TV is mostly meant to serve as guide. Rabbit TV does allow for live TV access, which is what most people expected Rabbit TV to be. It is a common misconception that Rabbit TV will give access to all live TV channels. Rabbit does allow for access to a live TV channel feed, however it mostly news. It doesn’t have any prime TV live access allowance. I found that Rabbit TV is similar to Hulu or Netflix. On Hulu or Netflix they only have access to a few TV networks, whereas Rabbit TV has more TV channels and shows which are all indexed and organized in a way that is easy to use.

What makes it different than Hulu or Netflix is that Rabbit TV has shows from thousands of networks indexed and the price. Hulu and Netflix does not have access to nearly as many shows as Rabbit TV. Plus, with Rabbit TV I don’t pay nearly as much.

Rabbit TV is an online guide that has a list of thousands of shows and movies that are all indexed and easy to use. The list of shows then takes you to where you can watch the show or movie online. I love that all I need to get access to great shows and TV at a great price is my internet connection.

The creators of Rabbit TV have spent countless hours putting together this guide with all the right links. I know that I would not have wanted to spend the time to find thousands of bookmarks for the shows. I had actually tried on my own and I often times couldn’t find the show that I was looking for or it was an incorrect link. Rabbit TV has already spent the time searching for links and they have compiled it in a convenient way that it easy to use.

What is great about Rabbit TV is that there is a lot of variety in the list of shows. There is a show for everyone in my family to enjoy. I personally like Rabbit TV carries a lot of the classic shows that can’t be found online anymore.

I have been really impressed with the Rabbit TV and for all of the access that I get for only $10 is worth is fantastic. With Rabbit TV I am able to save money and still get to watch entertainment.

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